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Can you replace your man (or partner) with a sucking silicone vibrator?

The sex toy market has grown exponentially in recent times. In the last two years alone, the industry’s valuation has increased by a staggering £5.45bn. Furthermore, experts suggest that this trajectory is set to continue, projecting that the sector will be worth approximately £53bn by 2026. Indeed, if you’re a retailer, now is the time to cash in on this colossal opportunity! 

This commercial boom has been partially facilitated by focusing on product innovation and advancing marketplace technologies. Our review focuses on one of the most pioneering designs within this space; the sucking silicone vibrator. And more importantly, it looks to answer a question currently doing the rounds of the adult toy industry. 

Can you replace your man with a sucking silicone vibrator? Let’s try and find out.  

Can you replace your man (or partner) with a sucking silicone vibrator?

What is a Sucking Silicone Vibrator?

Vibrators have been a cornerstone of the sex toy market for many years. Their immense popularity stems from an ability to offer both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, sometimes simultaneously. Therefore, users encounter the same sensations as those felt during penetrative sex or the synthetic climaxes created through operating a vibrating aid. Although these capabilities have served their audience well, vibrators have so far been unable to generate the same sensations felt during oral sex. That is, of course, until now. 

Sensationally, sucking silicone vibrators have proven their capability to produce those same feelings. These toys replicate the touch, technique, and pressure of a human tongue while giving pleasure to the clitoris. Therefore, they’re able to mimic the intensely enjoyable experiences felt during oral play. In contrast to ‘standard’ vibrators, sucking silicone models cup the vaginal surface before projecting a rotating airflow through the covered area. 

Through this methodology, silicone sucking vibrators can expertly tap into the female human body's most sensitive part: the clitoris. Incredibly, over 8,000 nerve endings are present here and, therefore, if suitably stimulated, can provide deep and prolonged orgasms. 

Furthermore, these gadgets also allow the user to determine the climax's pace, arrival, and length. Indeed, sucking silicone models are equipped with multiple vibration and suction settings, which can be utilized in line with personal preference. Volume, variance, and the pressure level of these frequencies depend entirely on make and specification. The tightness of their application will alter the depth of orgasm felt by the user. Therefore, it's generally encouraged that first-time tryers wear a loose fitting and build confidence gradually. The strength of climax offered by these devices may take a little time to get used to!

What Shapes, Sizes, and Colours are Available?

A key benefit of sucking silicone vibrators is the variance in their appearance. Customers can purchase an extensive breadth of styles and shades and take advantage of a wealth of different size dimensions. Furthermore, certain manufacturers have developed a range of more creative designs based on cheeky characters or rather naughty animals! This offers light-hearted fun and relaxes those who may feel a little shy or reluctant when purchasing toys. 

 As you’ll see from our detailed set of reviews to come, the level of product diversity in the marketplace is extremely expansive. Consumers can buy petite designs, easily portable and perfect for storing in a handbag or smaller-sized travel cases. Alternatively, individuals can purchase large, dazzling toys, ideal for adult collections or showpiece displays (or indeed deeper penetration if also built to serve this function!). 

There’s also the opportunity to shop a myriad of colors and complexions. Modest, darker designs enable owners to be discreet and low-key, while loud, eye-catching designs reflect the user’s personality. Either way, the product’s broad spectrum of available colors will undoubtedly satisfy any taste or inclination.

Item weight also varies dependent on brand and design. This has no impact on the product's performance but may serve as a critical factor for the prospective buyer. Lightweight vibrators are more transportable than bulkier models, which could be of integral importance for certain individuals. Generally, most specifications weigh less than half a kilogram, so this hopefully shouldn’t become too much of a headache for most. 

Users should carefully consider their style, measurement, and color requirements and select an item that best meets their personal needs. As the market continues to increase, you can be sure of more and more innovations in product design. Therefore, consumers will be able to be extremely specific in the hunt for their perfect clit-sucking toy in the future. Whatever the outcome of their search, sucking silicone vibrators will always guarantee a thrill!

What are the Key Features of a Silicone Suction Vibrator to Look Out For?

As previously alluded to, the hallmarks of this type of vibrator are the ground-breaking technologies that it harnesses. By reproducing the identical pressure felt during oral sex through rotating airflow mechanisms, they give an unrivaled simulation of an intensely pleasurable experience. 

Furthermore, its multi-speed functionality puts the user firmly in the driving seat. This allows climaxes to last longer and be tailored to the whim of the individual. This feature facilitates these toys towards becoming an ideal bedroom accompaniment for any couple. Male partners can tease, entice, and regulate pleasure dependent on their counterpart’s (or their own!) mood.  

However, one should be aware that this item is not exclusively targeted at females. The reverberations produced also serve to excite and engage several other body parts. Positioning on the penis will bring pleasure to male clientele, and both sexes will benefit when applied to the nipples or anus. 

A range of other core features should also be considered when shopping for these products. Waterproof suction vibrators offer the noticeable benefit of using these items in baths and showers. Plenty of them are kitted out with an IPX7 rating, which gives considerable protection against water damage of its internal apparatus. The noise level created while operating may also be a point of concern, with quieter models clearly offering more discretion. 

The overwhelming majority of suction silicone vibrators are USB-chargeable, which means maintaining battery life is inherently easy. For those constantly on the move, it’s worth selecting a vibrator with extended battery life. 

Finally, as per the notes in the previous section, consumers can pick from a phenomenal range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Therefore, individuals can enjoy how it feels and how it looks!

We’ll now review several silicone sucking vibrators cataloged by adult toy specialist Mantang. This market-leading online merchant presides over many erotic accessories, including the pioneering sucking silicone vibrator.  

So, Can you Replace your Man with a Sucking Silicone Vibrator? 

We’ve certainly clarified that these pioneering products bring plenty of pleasure to their respective users through our analysis. Producing realistic simulations of oral sex is a revolutionary concept and is now being delivered with impressive accuracy. A raft of highly-advanced sex toys, equipped with rotating airflow and multi-speed technologies, has undoubtedly captured the imagination. However, can these sophisticated toys replace the human touch? 

We believe the most enjoyable approach is to get the best of both worlds. That is, to have your partner (whether male or female!) deploy these tools, adjusting frequencies based on yours, his or her current sexual mood. Giving control to your partner will generate an environment of impulsiveness and spontaneity and create new ways to spice up your sex life. There’s no shame in introducing a toy into the bedroom. They offer consistency, durability and, like all machines, are often more productive than humans!

However, by empowering your partner to use a sucking silicone vibrator on you, it offers the opportunity for more sensual collaborative stimulation. Rather than him being down there applying oral sex, he can watch you enjoy the moment and even regulate your orgasm’s pace and intensity. It makes it easier for your partner to get off while you’re getting off!

Remember, these styles of toys don’t need only to be deployed when targeting clitoral arousal. Most manufacturers have produced products that are transferrable to the nipple, penis, and anal play. Therefore, this isn’t just about replacing a male giver of vaginal, oral sex. These toys can lend themselves to experimentation in straight, gay, or lesbian couples. Furthermore, these products are often most elusive when utilizing them with other arousal techniques. For example, one might want to penetrate their partner anally while a sucking vibrator simultaneously pleasures the clitoris. Alternatively, two females may wear one each, determining each other's pleasure levels throughout before arriving at the climax in unison.  

Can they replace your man? We’ll leave you to be the judge of that. Yet, whichever way these innovative toys are enjoyed, they serve to deliver some incredible orgasms for males and females alike. If you’re eager to try out these scintillating sexual aids, you can shop the full range of the products reviewed at    

Embrace Change!

Perhaps the overriding message here is to engage with new technologies and advancements actively. We would always encourage any wholesaler, small retailer, or consumer to be receptive to change. Silicone suction vibrators started as niche items but soon exploded in popularity and are now amongst some of the industry’s hottest sellers.

We all know that the sex toy market is set for further immense growth in the coming years. By making sure you capitalize on the latest trends and opportunities, you can ride this commercial wave of prosperity. 

Silicone suction vibrators are the latest instalment of products provided by a dynamic and innovative marketplace. Replicating the exact feeling, and more importantly, the pleasure of oral sex is a development that shouldn’t be underestimated. However, standing back and admiring this for too long may deflect your focus away from the next great discovery. 

Embrace the silicone suction vibrator, but, more importantly, embrace change!  

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