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17 Jun| 23 Comments
How to Orgasm with a Dildo | Mantang

Dildos seem pretty straightforward, right? They’re (usually) phallic-shaped sex toy that you penetrate yourself with. What’s complicated about that? Well as anyone who has been to a gynecologist or had a colonoscopy can tell you, simple penetration is not a sure-fire route to pleasure. So, how to orgasm with dildo? With that in mind, today, we are talking about dildos and how you can use them for maximum sexual pleasure.

What Are The Different Types Of Dildos?

There are many types of dildos! Hard ones made of glass or steel (good for targeting areas like the a-spot), soft, flexible squishy ones made of silicone or rubber, representational ones designed to look like penises, and non representational ones that might look like anything at all (except penises)-- seriously, there are lots of types of didos. 

Looking to experiment on sensory play during sex, or perhaps how to control orgasm? You might consider something with an insertable bullet vibrator to add some vibration and external stimulation or something with a suction cup base that allows you to use it hands-free while it stays firmly attached to a flat surface. 

Additionally, for partnered sex, there are double-ended dildos, designed to penetrate two people at once, strap-on dildos that can be worn with a harness, and even pack and play dildos, which give the wearer a realistic bulge underpants and can also be put into an erect position for play time. 

Does Texture Matter?

Whether or not texture should play into the dido pleasure equation comes down to the individual user and their preferences, especially during sensory play or orgasm denial. Some people LOVE the extra sensation that a textured dildo can provide, while others find texture over-stimulating or even uncomfortable. The only way to know for sure it is to try. Start off with a dildo with subtle ridges. If you like that, you might want to try a dildo with a more textured surface.  

What Are The Best Dildo Techniques?

Other than ensuring clitoral stimulation for the woman or vulva owner, the best dildo techniques tend to involve thinking beyond typical thrusting during penetrative sex or masturbation. Here are some ideas:


Dildos don’t just go in and out! If you insert your sex toy and then move it in slow sexy circles, you can stimulate the depths of a vagina or anus. 

Come Hither Motion

If you’ve ever tried to stimulate a G-spot or prostate, you probably know about the “come hither” motion. It’s a forward and inward movement like you’re telling someone to ‘come here’. To do it with a dildo, tilt the dildo upward on your outward strokes so that it fully contacts and strokes the G-spot or prostate in question.


Don’t underestimate the power of a little rocking and rolling! After inserting your dildo, try moving it in an up and down rocking motion. This can be especially good for G-spot and prostate stimulation. 

Shallow Strokes

A lot of folks like to go hard and deep with penetration but small, shallow strokes can be incredibly pleasurable, too, whether it is during partnered sex or masturbation.  This technique works especially well for inner vaginal and g-spot stimulation, as the vagina’s most sensitive nerve endings reside in its outer third. 

What Are The Best Positions For Dildos?

Some of the most popular positions for penetrative sex are also awesome for dildo play!


Use pillows or sex furniture for maximum comfort. From there, penetrate the vagina or anus and play with the thrusting angle or hip position to find what works best for you. 


Use a dildo with a suction cup base mounted on the floor or an inflatable sex ball with an attached dildo. Hop on for the ride of your life!


Experiment by lowering your chest and elevating your butt to change up the angle of penetration. Use a suction cup dildo mounted on a wall for hands-free fun, or take it to the next level by mounting your dildo on a thrusting sex machine!
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