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14 May| 23 Comments
Not just for sex: unusual uses for sex toys

Recently, the Swedish sex toy manufacturer Lelo came up with some unconventional ideas for using toys. It turns out that they can be used not only to satisfy sexual needs. We'll introduce you to some fun, not-so-serious ideas.

1. Silk bandage as a sleep mask

The use of a silk bandage during sex helps to enhance sensations. But it can be used even outside the bedroom, for example, when you are traveling or relaxing at home on the couch, you can put on a blindfold and take a little nap.

2. Replacing the eraser

Need an eraser but don't have it on hand? Then take a silicone sex toy. It has the same properties as an eraser, that is, it can erase ink and pencil. However, think carefully about whether this is worth doing, because after such an action, the toy may lose its former shape and may no longer be able to be used for its intended purpose.

3. Cork for a bottle of wine

This is familiar to many: you opened a bottle of wine, threw away the cork, but drank only a couple of glasses. How to close the bottle? Crazy idea: Lelo suggests using a butt plug instead of a wine plug. She will be able to cork the bottle.

4. Napkin ring

In many restaurants, napkins are threaded into rings to create a more aesthetic look. Why not use this method at home, but make it more original? Before a romantic dinner with a loved one, put penis rings on napkins: this will pleasantly surprise your partner, and the hint of a continuation will be understood!

5. Massager

Many sex toys not only provide relaxation in the intimate area, they can also be used as a regular full body massager. For example, relieve tension in the neck, back, massage the feet. A great helper for relaxation after a hard day's work!

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