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29 Nov| 23 Comments
The best vibrators for single women

Vibrators are among the most sought-after sex toys for women, almost replacing the pleasure felt during sexual intercourse. They are simple to use, in different positions, and in combination with a rich imagination, they can help the woman achieve strong orgasms. In recent years, different types of vibrators have started to appear, variations of the classic form that we all know.

Those who want an experience as close as possible to reality can opt for vibrator models that perfectly imitate the male glans, in terms of shape, size and tactile sensation. Beginners can go for more compact, medium-sized versions, with extra stimulation for the clitoris.

It is certain that there is a vibrator model for every type of preference and desire. Choose what suits you from the following list that includes the best models of vibrators for women.

Realistic vibrator

The realistic vibrator is ideal for single women who want to have an intense and exciting experience. The appearance of the vibrator is strikingly similar to the male penis, in terms of size, color, venous protrusions and anatomical shape. Usually, these types of vibrators are made of a special type of silicone, extremely soft to the touch, dermatologically tested and safe for repeated and long-term use. The realistic vibrator can be used with a lubricant for easy penetration and intensified sensation.

Clitoral vibrator

As far as vibrators for the clitoris are concerned, you have a varied range to choose from, depending on your preferences. These specific types of vibrators simulate very well the sensations felt during oral sex and can be used by single women in combination with other sex toys. One type of vibrator for the clitoris is the one with several soft silicone tongues, which work alternately, for an extremely exciting sensation. Equally appreciated are the models of vibrators in the shape of a mouth or in small sizes, ideal for the clitoris area.

Double vibrators

Double vibrators are specially made for women who want strong sensations and fast orgasms. This type of vibrator stimulates the vagina and clitoris or the vagina and anus, being extremely practical and easy to use. Choose a favorite color and let yourself be carried on continuous waves of pleasure. Many of these double vibrators have flexible, easy-to-handle ends for quick penetrations. You can adjust the type and intensity of vibrations with the help of buttons intuitively located on the device. Like any other vibrator, these models can be used with a lubricant.

G Spot Vibrator

A special type of vibrator for single women is the one that stimulates the G-spot. Many women can reach an orgasm just by stimulating that special point inside the vagina. The vibrators for stimulating the G-spot are of medium size, with a slightly curved tip to reach exactly the desired area. You can opt for a vibrator model with ridges, which will intensify the sensations felt during the vibrations. It is an ideal vibrator model for beginners or as a gift for a friend interested in these sexual accessories.

Egg vibrator

The vibrating egg is a compact model, easy to take in your purse and on trips, usually rechargeable and very simple to use. The oval and small size is ideal for stimulating the clitoris and other erogenous areas of the female body. Like the other vibrators, the egg model is made of soft silicone, extremely comfortable and pleasant to the touch. It has several types of vibrations, speeds and intensities, which help you have a unique and intense experience every time.

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