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30 Nov| 23 Comments
Top of the best dildos for unique sensations

The dildo is one of the most appreciated sex toys by women all over the world. It perfectly imitates the man's penis and some models can be considered faithful replicas. It is chosen according to the desired size, color, appearance, materials and other defining aspects.

There are models in strong colors, with a slightly curved end for better stimulation of the G-spot, with several heads for extra stimulation, transparent, realistic or compact. Some dildo models can be attached to flat surfaces thanks to the suction cups provided at the base. They can also be used without problems in the shower, made of waterproof and durable materials for repeated use.

If you haven't tried it before, a dildo is a good start in discovering adult toys. Depending on your sexual experience, choose what you think suits you and what you find attractive. Experiment and try a new model from those presented in the following list.

Dildo realist

Ideal especially for single women, the realistic dildo model is very sought after, helping the woman to feel the same pleasure and intensity of the orgasm, as the one felt during the sexual act. The difference is that you can control the movements and you can choose any type of position or context. Imagination plays an important role in appreciating the dildo game, being quite simple to get into a hot atmosphere, due to the so real appearance of the toy. It is made of a very soft silicone, provided with small veins-like protrusions and in a color similar to the skin.

Classic dildo

Colored in vibrant shades, transparent or phosphorescent classic dildo is the perfect choice for beginners. Of medium size, it can satisfy the desires of any woman. It is made of a special silicone, which to the touch feels like human skin and does not cause irritation or other skin problems. For an easier penetration, you can use lubricant, with the mention that the dildo should be cleaned after each use with a little soap and water. It will be stored in a dry place, away from the sun and dust. Being made of the best quality silicone, this sex toy can be used for long periods of time, because it does not attract bacteria or other microorganisms, if it is properly maintained.

Glass dildo

A special model of dildo is the one made of hand-cast glass. Beyond the premium look, such a dildo can make you reach the most intense orgasms so far. This is due to the glass, a resistant material, which can be heated or cooled, depending on preferences, to intensify the sensations. Some models of glass dildos are provided with protrusions, undulations and other types of striations that help to maximize the stimulation of the vagina. A glass dildo is very resistant, hygienic and can be used for years, if it is properly maintained.

Dildo anal

For women who love to experiment in the bedroom, an anal dildo is the perfect choice. There are a number of variants, each for different types of penetrations and sensations. Triangular anal dildo models lead to immediate and strong sensations, while the thinnest, cylindrical ones are perfect for those who discover this type of stimulation. Twister anal dildo models feel just as intense, maximizing the chances of a quick orgasm. For beginners, we recommend small, smooth and thin tip anal dildo models.

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