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The most appreciated sex toys by women

Sex toys are addressed both to single women, who want to explore their erogenous zones more deeply and to satisfy their desires in the absence of a partner, as well as to those in a couple, open to experimentation and exciting games. Sex toys can complete the sexual act for two, by stimulating the woman or the man, for orgasm and strong sensations.

The category of sex toys for women includes vibrators, dildos, clitoris stimulators, anal balls and other special types of objects. You can buy these types of toys for yourself or give them as a gift to a close friend who you know would love such a product. Always choose the sex toy according to your sexual experience, aesthetic preferences and the way you want it to satisfy your needs.

Next, we will see which are the most appreciated sex toys by women, which should not be missing from any collection.


Vibrators come in a number of variants, from realistic ones to special ones for the clitoris, being among the sex toys preferred by women. It is one of the simplest and most effective means of satisfying desires.

Classic vibrators

Candy pink, red, blue, transparent and many other models are available for you to choose what suits you. For a woman who is buying a vibrator for the first time, it is recommended to opt for a simple, medium-sized model, with functions to adjust the intensity of the vibration. Most vibrators can be used with lubricant and are very easy to maintain. They can be kept for a long time because they are made of hygienic materials, which do not allow the development of bacteria, if they are properly cleaned.

Clitoral vibrators

This type of vibrator is much smaller in size and in different shapes, egg, teardrop, animal and other elements. It is meant to quickly induce a clitoral orgasm or to stimulate the erogenous zone at the moment of penetration. The vibrator for the clitoris is very easy to have at hand, in your purse or on trips. Choose the model that can reach the intensity you need to feel a wave of pleasure every time.

Realistic vibrators

For women who want an experience as close as possible to reality, then this type of vibrators are the most suitable. It almost perfectly imitates the appearance of a penis, from the texture of the skin, to the color and anatomy. The sizes differ according to preferences, as well as the way it is made, some models having a series of details, such as visible veins and the specific texture of the testicles.

Vibrating wand

This type of vibrator can be used in countless ways, like a magic wand. You can use it for massage of different parts of the body or erogenous zones. It also works like a classic vibrator and can be successfully used for clitoral stimulation. The dimensions are larger in the case of the vibrating wand, something to consider when you want to store the product away from prying eyes in the house.

G spot vibrator

This type of vibrator is ideal for women who need precise stimulation inside the vagina, by touching the G-spot. This is very easily achieved by the shape of the vibrator, slightly curved at the end. Thus, during penetration, it is much easier for women to achieve vaginal orgasm, in a more intense way.

Double vibrator

Especially suitable for experienced women, the double vibrator gives extremely intense pleasure, by stimulating the vagina and the anus simultaneously. There are several types of models, of various sizes, depending on anatomy and preferences. Women who find it difficult to achieve vaginal orgasm can choose a double vibrator with a slightly curved end, for an exact stimulation of the G-spot. is in the top of many women's preferences.


A dildo is a special type of sex toy, which imitates the shape of the penis and over which the woman has control in terms of movements and intensity of penetration. It can be in a flexible and soft form or in a harder form, made of resistant materials, such as glass.

Realistic dildo

The realistic dildo is a faithful representation of the male organ, there are a number of variants in terms of skin color, texture, size, shape of the glans. Some models have suction cups at the base to be placed on flat surfaces so that the woman has greater control over her movements and can use her hands.

Glass dildo

For truly intense experiences, there are models of glass dildos, with a very attractive aesthetic appearance and easy to use. They can be used cold, by keeping them in the refrigerator beforehand or kept under cold water, or warm, by contact with hot water. It depends on your preferences and how you feel more stimulated. In addition, the glass from which dildo models are made is perfectly hygienic and sanitary, without absorbing, over time, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Dildo with ejaculation

In order to have the most authentic experience possible, many women prefer dildo models with ejaculation. Basically, you have the same ordinary dildo, which has a special space in which to put the ejaculatory liquid and a pump to produce the ejaculation, at the right moment. The liquid used in this sense is safe for the body and can be used in the long term, without having any type of adverse reaction.

Vaginal balls

Vaginal balls can be used for vaginal muscle exercises, ideal for intensifying the sensations felt during penetration. They are made of various materials, from medical silicone to stainless steel, the latter being more suitable for women who have had such balls before and are familiar with their correct use. Some vaginal balls are provided with a vibration system, for satisfaction and strong orgasms.


Toys with electrostimulation can come in different forms, dildo, vibrator, egg. The way these objects feel in contact with the erogenous zones is extremely powerful. Through subtle electric shocks, I can experience some of the most exciting penetrations and orgasms. This type of electrostimulation can take the clitoral orgasm to another level, being equally suitable for anal penetration.

Anal plugs

In different shapes and sizes, anal plugs help to experience unique sensations. Beginners are advised to choose an anal plug of smaller dimensions, with a thin tip, for easy penetration and a feeling of comfort. The most experienced can go for larger anal plugs, provided with different types of striations or unique shapes. They are perfect for anal stimulation and for intensifying the sensations felt during penetration.

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