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30 Sep| 23 Comments
Yes, This Kegel Guy Can Boost Your Performance In Bed

Every man's dream is to have complete control over his ejaculation. Neither come too fast nor need long periods to reach sexual climax.

Anyone who has been – or is – through these experiences knows how terrible they are. It takes away your confidence, sabotages the pleasure of a good fuck and becomes a terrible burden in life.

It is known that some sexual problems have their origin in psychological aspects. It's the mind that commands many of the physiological reactions - and if it's not ok, the body won't be either.

But not everything needs to be addressed in a therapy session. They have problems that can be solved through practical solutions – like the Kegel Exercise.

Have you heard of this practice?

Lately, Kegel Exercise has been frequently associated with sexual factors, but its original proposal is different.

This work was developed in 1948 by the American physician Dr. Arnold Kegel to help women suffering from urinary incontinence. Today his focus is also on helping men who suffer from this same problem resulting from prostate surgery.

But, look, the exercise ended up gaining another functionality over time: sexual.

As I said, nowadays it is popularly considered as an aid for those who suffer from problems such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

We spoke with urologist Dr. Marco Lucon to know if this story is really true: “There is some scientific evidence that Kegel Exercise in men can generate an eventual benefit in erectile dysfunction (or impotence), but the studies are still not conclusive”.

That is, there is research that positively associates exercise with these sexual problems. However, there are still not enough works for this idea to be propagated in the scientific environment as an absolute truth.

But the outlook is great, gentlemen!

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