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23 Jun| 23 Comments
Anal sex: myths and truths about this pleasurable practice

Anal sex is one of the most desired fetishes by men, having been a forbidden fruit throughout history. Know the myths and truths of this practice and how to have even more pleasure in the act.

1-Is anal sex always painful?


Erika Lust

Anal sex tends to be more "difficult" if the region is not well lubricated , since it does not have natural lubrication.

The relationship must be done gradually and very calmly so that the muscle can relax and allow a pain-free and pleasurable entry.

The use of lubricant is essential to ensure pleasure for both. Always use and abuse a good water or silicone based lubricant.

Here are some lubricants and other sensational products to use during anal sex.

2- Does anal sex cause hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids are caused by an increase in pressure in the veins in the anus caused by long periods of sitting, difficulties in having a bowel movement, or other causes.

According to experts, this practice does not cause this increase in pressure. However, if the person already suffers from this disease, it can worsen the situation.

3- In the same act, alternating anal sex with vaginal sex is not recommended!


The anal region is more prone to bacteria, for this reason this exchange should not be carried out during the act without a good correct cleaning of the penis.

Always remember! You can and should always use a condom, and always change it when passing from the anus to the vagina.

4- Is anal washing (showering) before intercourse recommended ?


Wash well before using

You shouldn't do anal lavages too often as they can push bacteria further into the intestines or make the intestines sluggish. However, an exterior wash or an interior wash from time to time is recommended.

For this cleaning, there are specific products that make it much easier, in addition to being easy to carry and handle, suitable for moments of urgency ;). See this one!

 5- Does the anus widen ?


The opening of the anus is controlled by the sphincter and this does not lose strength with sex. This loss of control can only occur if the sphincter is torn, which is not the case with well-lubricated, consenting anal sex.

So don't forget... lubrication is the key to success! Lubricate well and enjoy with pleasure!

Enjoy and take a look at this post about the most pleasurable positions for anal sex

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