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12 Oct| 23 Comments
4 BENEFITS of Vibrators on the Sexual Health of Husbands and Wives, No 3 Must Get You Excited!

Sometimes, your sexual life with your partner may not be satisfactory, even disappointing. Don't worry, there are many sex toys that can help you.

One of the most popular sex toys around the world to ensure the satisfaction of intimate relationships is the sex vibration device or better known as a vibrator .

The question is, does the use of a vibrator have its own benefits for your and your partner's sexual health?

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What is a sex toy known as a vibrator ?

Before talking more about its benefits, why don't we get to know more deeply about this sex vibration tool first?

There are many sex toys that have been created in this world to help married couples have sex that is exciting and exciting. Among the most popular are vibrators .

Sex toys are created for the purpose of stimulating and playing with the partner's body during sex. Believe it or not, it has been used for thousands of years. So, it is not something new produced as a result of technological development.

Even so, along with the age of technology that we live in now, the sex tools that are produced are also becoming more sophisticated. If previously vibrators were created with a relatively large size, now they are available in a size so small that they can be carried in the pocket!

Don't know what a vibrator is ? Relax, we will explain it to you.


Above is one example of the sex vibration device available in the market. For those of you who don't know, it is the most common sex toy and must be owned by every married couple who craves maximum sexual satisfaction.

The way it works is very true to its name. It will produce vibrations that can be used to stimulate lust . Don't get me wrong, it can not only be used on a woman's vagina but also on a man's penis.

Shocked? Relax, it won't hurt and will even fuel the fire of romance when you and your partner are having sex!

Is it true that vibrators are beneficial for sexual health?

According to Samantha Evans who is the founder of the sex toy and vibrator shop , Jo Divine, this sex vibrator has various benefits that can help individuals overcome the intimacy problems they face.

Here are some of the benefits of vibrators for sexual health:

#1. Makes sex more fun

Of course the main benefit of this sex toy is to make sex more fun. This is because it can improve the mood when acting with a partner in bed!

Not only that, the use of vibrators in intimate relationships will also help couples get to know each other's bodies about what makes them aroused or turned on . In short, it can help you learn about your partner's desires.

Try to imagine if your penis, vagina or nipples are massaged with this vibrating device. Of course it will be funny and increase your libido, right? As a result, sex will definitely be more fun.

#2. Helps rejuvenate the vagina

For women who are elderly, there may be some problems in the vagina, especially if they have reached menopause. At this time, the decreasing estrogen hormone will result in dry, loose vagina and atrophy - lack of muscle mass.

All of this in turn will cause painful sex and a weakened libido. This is the time for you to use a vibrator sex toy !

It is able to help women overcome these symptoms by increasing the elasticity of the vaginal walls and your sexual sensation. In addition, it may also work to smooth the surface of your miss V by removing more fluid.

In other words, vibrators can help rejuvenate the vagina thus making sex between you and your partner smoother.


#3. A vibrator is the best way to deal with vaginismus

For those of you who are wondering, vaginismus is a condition where the muscles of a woman's vagina clench or tighten suddenly when the penis is about to be inserted. As a result, it will make the process of penetration more difficult and hurt the partner's vagina and penis.

This condition may occur due to fear or trauma experienced by women related to sexual behavior. If you are one of those women who have this problem, don't worry, maybe a vibrator is the solution.

According to Michelle Lyons who is a Female Physiotherapy Specialist, this sex toy can make the vagina more relaxed during sex .

This is because the vibrations produced can stimulate the walls of the vagina and release more fluid, which will then facilitate the penetration of the penis.

So, don't be afraid or hesitant to try a vibrator while performing in the bedroom with your partner!

#4. Sex is not just penetration

Many sex therapists insist that sex is more than just penetration. On the other hand, foreplay or lightness is also important during intercourse. This is because adequate stimulation of the clitoris can be the main key for women to reach climax.

So, before inserting the penis, how about you use a vibrator to stimulate your partner's clitoris? It will not only make the vagina smoother and wetter, it will also make it easier for women to achieve the orgasm they have been longing for.


In conclusion, vibrators are not just sex toys that are used to 'play' with a partner only. It is also actually a kind of tool that can help solve some sexual health problems , both men and women.

So, what else are husband and wife waiting for? You can start looking for and buy this sex vibration tool in the market and use it when having sex with your partner now!

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