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15 Aug| 23 Comments

I saw two polls on twitter this week. They weren’t hugely scientific polls: twitter doesn’t exactly lend itself to full on analytical or statistical analyses – that’s why we have to use hugely expensive software for that sort of thing in the rocket science laboratory. Also, generally we don’t need to know about people’s attitudes towards and experiences of anal sex, which is what these polls were about, so I suppose that actually, twitter wins this one.

The two polls were aimed - one each - at men and women, and the question was:

Have you ever taken part in anal sex?

And there were three possible options:

Yes – more giving,

Yes – more taking, and


For the men, the results were 39% (giving), 12% (taking) and 49% (no).

For the women: 7% (giving), 42% (taking) and, 51% (no).

As I say, this was far from a scientific poll, and there are so many other variables and things to be added or included, but those results do broadly seem to stack up to a kind of 40:10:50 ratio, yes?

And it’s that 10% that I want to look at. Sure, some of the 12% of men who ticked “more taking” may be in homosexual relationships (there was no comment on sexuality in the poll), but the 7% of women who ticked “more giving” was higher than I expected. I don’t think that I need to explain to you that basic anatomy means that there needs to be some degree of forethought for that 7% to have happened.

We’re talking strap-on sex here, role reversal to the ‘traditional’ anal scenario: pegging – the female penetrating the male with a dildo. And it’s something that is becoming ever more popular.

So, why would you want to try pegging?

For the male involved, there’s potential stimulation of the ’p-spot’, the gentleman’s equivalent of the female ‘g-spot’. The p-spot is named for the prostate, that muscular gland which surrounds the urethra and which generates most of the volume of your semen. And, much like the g-spot in some women, for some men, stimulation of the prostate can result in some intense orgasms. Aside from that, the feeling of vulnerability from the role-reversal can also be a big turn on for some men.

But then, what about the female partner? Well, many women report enjoying the shift in the power dynamic and comment on how intimate pegging can be due to the trust placed in them by their partner. It’s also a learning experience as the dominant partner, taking hints and cues from the reactions of the man and responding appropriately. There’s something very stimulating about being in control of the sexual event, especially if you aren’t usually experienced in that role.

What it isn’t, is any reflection on sexuality. And that’s perhaps the biggest stumbling block for many men (and some women). At the end of the day, if pegging (or anything else, in fact) is something that you and your partner want to try, well then that’s nobody’s business but yours. If it’s something that turns you both on, then go for it. Stop reading too much into it. Just enjoy.

There are a range of different strap-ons available. If you’re new to pegging, maybe it’s best to start small with a beginners kit before you consider moving up to some of the larger dildos. From there, the “Frankly Terrifying” range beckons. Or perhaps it doesn’t. Like I said, up to you.

But whichever you choose, remember that the rules for anal come into play here: lots of communication and lots (and lots) of lube. A myriad of new experiences could be just around the corner.

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