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13 Aug| 23 Comments


Make Your Holidays Even More Fun! 

Summer is coming to South Africa, and it’s time to start planning those weekend getaways and seasonal vacations. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, you deserve a little extra pleasure, but you don’t want to raise eyebrows in airport security. No worries, we have some tips to help you when travelling with sex toys...

USB rechargeable toys are your friend, in more ways than one. Especially when travelling overseas, a USB rechargeable can charge from your laptop or tablet, saving you carrying extra mains cords and adaptor plugs, or having to find batteries.

How quiet is it? If you are going to be staying with friends, or in a hotel with paper-thin walls, you’ll want to make sure your bedtime buddy doesn’t buzz too loud.

Thanks to great design, most of today’s quality toys are shaped discreetly and don’t shout ‘Look at my giant dildo shape’ when viewed through an airport scanner. For extra discretion that can even be tucked in a handbag or carry-on, look for a lipstick-shaped clitoral vibe, or the Fleshlight Go, which looks like a heavy-duty torch.

We love versatility. The Swan PalmPower does require a mains cord and adaptor, but it’ll massage aching calves after a long day of sightseeing AND provide powerful orgasms. It’s compact, lightweight and multipurpose. What’s not to love?

An extra tip: don't forget the lube! You can get fantastic lubes in handy 30ml, 50ml, or 100ml containers perfect for travel.

So pop a couple of fun toys in your overnight bag next time you’re on a trip, and treat yourself to some after hours fun.

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