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Why making sex toy merchandise in China?

Why making sex toy merchandise in China is profitable:

1. Having the ability to manufacture and sell sex toy merchandise in China under its own brand will allow the company to reach a more economically profitable sales level that will far outpace its competitors.

2. Sex toys have the widest and most complete range of products. You can easily enter the domestic market with current popular products or find new products for consumers.

3. The production cost of sex toys in China is several times lower than in other countries, you can always offer your customers an attractive price.

4. Mantang Sex Toys has a well-developed and solid infrastructure and thousands of manufacturing companies supplying various products to North and South American and European countries, ready to fulfill any complex order.

The Mantang sex toy factory is able to quickly switch production from one product to another, so if you need to modify an existing product or produce a new one, you can be sure that a Mantang engineer will help you make your dreams come true.

Our inspectors will ensure that samples and finished batches meet your requirements for function and appearance, and inspect all shipments before payment.

You only need to provide accurate reference terms or drawings in the ordering stage, we will find the corresponding sex toy factory for further tripartite negotiation to start the work.

What is OEM and ODM for sex toys?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) OEM is the abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer, commonly known as "OEM". This means that Chinese manufacturers manufacture products according to technical specifications or templates. Then affix the client's brand logo. It's currently possible to cut under your own sex toy brand in China.

OEM advantages:

1. Plenty of ready-made items for you to choose the solution. You just have to choose the product you want to sell and send the manufacturer an app with the logo to brand that product.

2. The production speed of goods is fast. The production process is clearly commissioned and put into operation. The extra time is simply spent on the app logo.

There is one downside to this format. If the product you choose is already popular in your country, simply branding it with a logo won't turn it into a unique offer. You still need to add details to differentiate the product, such as choosing the original packaging or increasing the product's lifespan.

ODM, the abbreviation of Original design manufacturer.

 It means that a Chinese manufacturer manufactures a product according to the customer's specifications and requirements using only drawings or electronic layouts. The entrusted party has the design ability and technical level, and produces products based on the authorized contract. That is, the factory produced products with no analogues or templates on hand.

In the case of ODM, you will receive a new or heavily modified technical product. ODM products win the competition with advanced features and custom designs. But also take into account their high cost and long and laborious production process.

Advantages of self-owned brands organizing the production of sex toys in China:

1) Lower production cost compared to other country sex toy counterparts.

2) Sex toys can be personalized according to your order (change product parameters), so that the product has more possibilities. For bulk orders, Chinese factories can change product appearance, add or remove device features, logos, change colors, change packaging according to your needs, etc.

3) The production speed is fast, even if it is a separate order, it is necessary to change the technical parameters, materials, colors, etc. of sex toy products.

4) Competition among sex toy manufacturers offers you plenty of options and bargains to get the best purchase price.

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