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09 Mar| 23 Comments
Materials available for dildos and how to make them

When purchasing a dildo, most consumers will pick what color they like and what size or shape suits their body. However, the material is the most crucial factor for sex toy brand owners and dildo wholesalers.

AhDesire offers various sex toy materials like silicone, TPE, PVC, glass, etc. We believe that each body-safe material can play a role in the sex toy market.


Platinum silicone is well known as the best material a dildo factory can have. It’s 100% body safe, and you will never need to replace them, as long as you properly maintain them. It’s a perfect sex toy for clients looking for a high-quality, long-lasting dildo.There is no doubt that platinum silicone dildos meet the highest standard in the sex toy market. They have the most realistic shapes, feels, and can be boiled to remove all bacteria. The only con is the price. They can be expensive especial when it comes to big sizes like horse dildos and monster dildos.

Phthalate-free PVC(Polyvinyl chloride)

In 21 century, many dildo factories like AhDesire are using phthalate-free PVC as an alternative to the silicone material. It helps us to fulfill more dildo fantasies around the world.

The material itself is phthalate-free and body safe, but it cannot be boiled for sterilization. You must clean well before and after each use with soap and water and store away from other toys to avoid chemical reactions and damage to the either toy.


Glass dildos are great for temperature play. It can be heated or cooled to create a different pleasure sensation. Simply put the glass dildo into cold or warm water and wait for a few minutes.


If you are in the sex toy industry, you might be curious about how dildos get made in the factory. As a sex toy supplier, producing dildos is part of our daily work, and we’d love to share the experience with you.


Our dildo designers will use clay to carve the dildo shape. Carefully add ridge and knot to enhance the ultimate pleasurable experience of the dildo’s eventual buyer. Sometimes, it was the penis shape of famous porn stars so that fans could take their favorite actor to bed.


With the well-crafted clay dildo, our skilled toolmakers will produce metal molds of the dildo to get ready for mass production. Inside the dildo factory, you’ll see plenty of dildo molds of different shapes and sizes.

Shape it

According to the customer’s specification about the firmness and color, our dildo expertise will mix material, color, and water precisely. Experienced workers will pour a steady stream of mixed material into metal molds and wait for them to cool down gradually. Now the head and balls are created and locked into place. It’s time to pull the dildo out of the mold and wait until they get hardened.

The following process in the dildo factory is to ensure that every dido is molded perfectly. And we will trim all hanging edges to get the smoothest and highest quality shape.


Now we get a perfectly shaped dildo. The dildo has only one color, the color melted with silicone or other material. Launching it now is okay, but ordinarily, additional decorations will be arranged.

Dip the glans into the color to make it pink, red, or any other colors you like. Use small, precise brushes to meticulously apply spidery red and blue lines to the dildo shafts. Add further details to make the dildo looks like an erect penis.Now all dildos are perfectly shaped and look fantastic. They will be moved from the painting department to assemble lines.

Final product

Every dildo will be fully inspected on assembly lines so that customers can receive products free from defects. Dildos will then be shipped to sex toy distributors in bulk or to brand owners in their brand retail packaging.This is how dildos get made in a dildo factory. Although we use molds to produce dildos efficiently, each dildo is painted by hand individually and should be considered a work of art.

Dildo customize service is also available. With the understanding of how the dildos are made, you might be able to imagine which part of the dildo can be customized.

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