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03 Mar| 23 Comments
A Secret to Multiply Your Sex Toy Business

App-controlled sex toys are not seen frequently in the mainstream, although their popularity is increasing. This disparity between demand and supply leaves an important space for companies with app-controlled sex toys to create a unique product and leverage that product for increased trust and market share.

Create a High-Quality Product

Customers expect the absolute best from companies. As technologies advance and become more user-friendly, providing products that exceed expectations is crucial to attract and keep customers. To exceed expectations, your product must be convenient, have excellent distance control, and have extra functions above other products.

  • Convenience

App-controlled sex toys require less hardware than remote-controlled sex toys because the remote is anyone’s cell phone. This makes app-controlled toys much more portable than remote-controlled toys while allowing anyone with the proper Bluetooth connection to control the toy.

The app also allows for more intricate controls. For example, instead of only mode and intensity, the app can change patterns and functions, in addition to other options depending on the model of the toy.

  • Long Distance Control

Rather than a remote that can only connect to the toy if it’s within a specific set distance, an app controller for a sex toy lets the operator be anywhere as long as they have a wifi connection. 

  • Chat and Video Functions

With an app with video and chat applications, users can stay more connected than with a sex toy that only has a remote connection. This allows for an increased user experience.


Use High-Tech Products to Expand Your Business

An app-controlled sex toy improves your customer base, and everything comes from the customer base. By providing a unique service that fosters connections, your company proves it's worthwhile opening possibilities for the future. 

  • Establish Private Domain

You can group your customers into a private domain by having a network that runs an app-controlled sex toy. This domain allows them to use the product and its many features, including chat and video functions. In addition, increasing traffic on a private domain increases trust in your company from customers and potential investors.

  • Early Command of New Market

Sex toys have grown in popularity over the last few years, but remote-controlled sex toys have seen an increase of over 200% in the market. With the pandemic forcing people to become more inventive, many people who had never considered using app-controlled sex toys suddenly were forced to. This opened the market considerably, as many who had never tried them found they liked them. By entering the market for app-controlled sex toys early, your company can establish itself as an authority on app-controlled sex toys, taking advantage of new and repeat customers.

  • Increase Trust

Establishing yourself as a domain that provides a wide variety of services establishes your company as trustworthy, long-standing, and authoritative. This helps with brand recognition, leading to word-of-mouth marketing and higher rates of new customers. A unique product that provides excellent service increases customer trust, but more so with potential investors. Proving a reliable fan base and an amazing, highly desired product shows investors that your company is a good investment.

  • Increase Product Profits

In the market for app-controlled sex toys (including companies like Satisfyer and Wevibe), the profit margin is much more significant. While the price is highly engaged, the product is high-quality, and sales are good. Furthermore, the retail price can reach from 100$ to 200$ USD, while the cost is less than 20$ USD. This leads to a huge profit.

  • Increase Your Services

Producing an app-controlled sex toy allows your company to reach a broader customer base. In addition, because app-controlled sex toys are unique in the industry, getting a toehold into this burgeoning industry will make your company an authority in the industry.

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