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18 Feb| 23 Comments
Top 10 Sex Toy Factories in China in 2023?

1. Durex Durex Qingdao London Durex Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is the first joint venture company in China to produce condoms. Production and sales of condoms and lubricant products under the world-renowned Durex brand, the world's largest condom manufacturer.

2. Okamoto Shenzhen Wanshengtang Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2003, belongs to Okamoto's general service provider in China, the English name is OKAMOTOCHINA. As the general agent of Okamoto China, specializing in the agent of Okamoto condoms, Okamoto condoms, Okamoto fast temperature patches and other health care products. The world's largest manufacturer of ultra-thin condoms.

3, MANTANG sex toy factory, Dongguan Mantang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. predecessor Hong Kong Mantang Fun Pin, in 2014 established Dongguan Mantang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., moved to Hengli, Mantang fun product to OEMODM patch customization to create sex toys industry "Foxconn", can be described as strong, its independent research and development capabilities are even more eye-catching, Mantang fun product is the first domestic brand positioned as OEMODM adult products OEM brand, as early as 15 years to obtain the trademark.

4. Dingfu DINGFOO Dongguan Dingfu Plastic Products Co., Ltd., established in 2011, Shenzhen Chuntu Technology Investment Holding Enterprise. The world's largest and most certified OEM manufacturer of sex toys. Only do OEM orders, no own brand.

5. Baile Baile Liaoyang Baile Health Products Co., Ltd., a famous trademark in Liaoning Province, has a wide industrial chain layout and enjoys high popularity in the industry. The three own brands are sold simultaneously and independently around the world.

6. Jinsan Youmei WMDOLL Zhongshan Jinsan Props Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development, production and sales of sex dolls, and has formed a huge influence in the industry. The world's largest manufacturer of silicone dolls.

7. Jizhimei JBSEX Shenzhen Jizhimei Health Products Chain Co., Ltd., established in 1976, is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Jimei Group. A large-scale domestic chain of sexual products. There are private label independent sales worldwide.

8. SVAKOM Shenzhen SVAKOM Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. One of the most influential brands in the industry. China's private label is the best independently operated enterprise in the world.

9. Zhaobang NMC adult products professional brand, the products are mainly sold to Europe and the United States, one of the largest adult products manufacturers. There are private label synchronous independent global sales.

10. Chunshuitang Changzhou Chunshuitang Health Technology Co., Ltd., one of the well-known sex brands, has the whole industry chain layout, focusing on the manufacture of sex dolls. The most professional sex doll production factory. Own brand independent operation and sales nationwide.

The selection criteria of this list include four dimensions such as the whole network word-of-mouth index, factory brand communication index, factory brand operation index, factory brand attention, etc., specifically covering the number of online reviews, praise, brand operation status, enterprise strength, brand honor and other data indicators, etc., and finally sorted out the "2023 China sex toys ranking top ten factories", the above is about China's sex toys production base, you can choose the best sex toys factory brand list in your heart.

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