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05 Sep| 23 Comments
A trustworthy sex toy OEM factory is the foundation for creating an attractive brand

Topic 1 :What capabilities does a professional OEM/ODM factory possess, and what aspects need our attention?


- How to find the ODM/OEM factories:

We all know we can search everything on the internet, probably we can name it internet surfing, lock the location, and collect it,if you get some familiar with some factories, its could be well.

- Professional abilities:

The business license + production license of "three certificates in one" is necessary, and there are also some assurance of products. From the product itself - material procurement (supplier selection and management, guarantee of quality and delivery date) - material inspection (acceptance standard, which can check and adjust most defective products) - production (hardware construction, import control, process monitoring) - semi-finished product / finished product inspection (meeting product standards) - warehousing and transportation (material protection), these are all key quality control points. Such as ISO quality certification, GMP certification, GMPC certification, etc. All adult products produced by Mantang Qupin have relevant qualification certificates, appearance patents and AAA level enterprise integrity. Business licenses, medical device production licenses and medical device filing certificates supposed to be provided

- What kinds of experience does the OEM/ODM factory possess:

An OEM / ODM processing factory for fun products must have processed and produced products for many brands. Its supposed to be check, and then you can judge the credibility and product quality of the factory.

- Field trips:

What is the scale of the laboratory, the R&D team, the number of product design engineers, the laboratory equipment, the production equipment is advanced. The lab is an important factor in determining whether the sex toy factory can develop new formulations; Workshop production equipment is an important factor affecting the use of feeling, appearance, so choose sex toys OEM factory must see the factory equipment.

-The cooperation smoothly:

Mantang OEM manufacturers will develop high-end, characteristic and creative customized products according to customers' customized needs. From the appearance of the product for independent development of private mold, product design for independent research and development, product production materials screening for individual small batch customization

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