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01 Mar| 23 Comments
Easily customize your sex toys

Tell Us Your Need

1.Requirements Confirmation

You can review our designs or send us your design directly. Designs can be modified anytime to fit your requirements. 

2.Selection and Proposal

For any of our sex toys. you’re free to select preferred options and propose your own designs for us to make. 


We are able to provide samples of the products for your inspection. You have 15–20 days to check them. 

4.Production Approval

Once all specifications have been carried out, we will have you approve of the design that is ready for mass production.

ODM & OEM Solution

1.Product Shape

Creating custom shapes relates to the user experience and includes deciding on what kind of materials will be used. For example, liquid silicone rubber is smoother and softer than the solid silica gel and the double-layer TPE frees end-users from lubricants.

2.Product Color

We possess the flexibility to customize color patterns to suit your market thanks to our manufacturing capabilities. Your customers can choose from an enormous assortment of colorful options.

3.Product Texture

Various textures produce great simulating effects for your end users. We do this through our full capacity to reproduce texture effects that can be customized to fit your market needs.

4.Function Modes

Various function modes, such as low allergen features, multi-speed, rotatable and sucking functions, increase the possibilities for your customers to experience greater pleasures in sex.

5.Product Performance

Our toys are waterproof for your customer’s needs. We customize product to match your preferences through our full production capacity.

6.Product Hardness

Soft hardness is tested during production. From 15 to 35 degrees, we are able to capture varying levels according to your requirements in product roughness.

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