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06 Feb| 23 Comments
What Mantang pursues is better sex toys

1.Specializing in Sex Toys for Over 20 Years

For 20 years, Mantang has been producing sex toys that can increase pleasure through its various shapes and forms.

Our design capabilities have allowed us to launch customer-oriented and user-friendly product designs.

By getting the end users’ taste, as well as the assessment from wholesalers, we get an idea about how to make our brand reach wider markets.

Pleasure and safety are our targets in making our adult products friendly for reliable and long-term.

2.Our Mission

Offering cost-effective custom products with innovative design and high performing function

3.Unbeatable Design Capability

Committed to delivering customer-oriented designs, our team draws inspiration from the results of the market survey and the reviews from our test team.

Besides data-based concepts, our designers who have a full understanding of production will consider the raw materials and techniques during the prototyping process so that they can deliver functional and fashioned design.

Make your design ideas a reality with our experienced designers’ insights that have been proven by our reception of the 2018 Red Dot Award.

4.Our Endless Pursuit of User Experience

Mantang has been a major enterprise with more than 20 years of experience. Our factory pursues strong OEM and ODM services for domestic enterprises and reach out to international markets.

By cooperating with major universities and design institutes, our team keeps introducing new processing techniques to produce sex toys with the best quality and design.

We pursue innovation in materials, like solid silica gel, liquid solid silica gel, double-layer TPE, etc. to give our customers smooth, soft and relaxing products.

Working with us will give you boundless opportunities to expand your design ideas and turn them into marketable products.

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