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11 Feb| 23 Comments
China Mantang sex toy factory brings you the best service!

20 years in the industry has given us the experience we need to offer you our professional after-sales service, fast sampling, flexible packaging options and timely delivery.

1.24/7 Professional Consultation

20 years in the industry has given us the experience we need to offer you our professional advice.

We provide free after-sales and product consultation to help you find the right solutions for your market.

From the production process to our marketing services, our consultation helps you meet your professional goals.

2.Free Design Inspiration

We offer our own designs, as well as open up to your suggestions on how to modify any parts.

Take inspiration from our experience and models for adult products so that you can reach out to a wider market. Familiar with manufacturing process and materials identifications, our designers can realize your design with the cost-effective solution.

Our intellectual property support will also assist you in encouraging the production of new ideas that will help the industry in the long run. Designers from Mantang can turn your inspired ideas into reality.

3.Fast Sampling

We take only one day to bring our in-stock samples to meet your full product inspection.

Ranging from design styling to structure engineering, and from function testing to packaging designing, Mantang will create a specialized team to manage the whole sampling process.

Our samples help you get a grasp of our design capabilities while offering you an opportunity to make design suggestions.

This phase will determine how we can proceed with our mass production and other modifications.

4.Flexible Packaging Options

Neutral packaging with designated logo are available in Mantang once you require it, in which case you can save a lot costs.

When you provide us the ideal packaging form and packaging design, we can help visualize your brand in our custom-made boxes.

Our manufacturers make sure that products do not jump out, shake or give in high temperatures using a professional transportation test.

We can offer other effective packaging materials depending on your actual applications.

5.On-Time Delivery

We deliver your bulk orders within five to twenty days to guarantee that we can meet with your deadlines. Our streamlined production improves the speed of our delivery.

Besides full production line in the house, Mantang owns a strong supplier network, ensuring production plan can be processed as scheduled.

You can enjoy our faster delivery services as they can help you replenish your stock of adult toys to satisfy the demands of your customer base.

6.After-sales warranty

Our one-year warranty policy covers all of our sex toy products. Any questions, our specialized after-sales team will reply on time and then give you a one-on-one solution.

Showing quality and long service, our policy helps you gain the confidence of your end users in their purchases.

Build brand loyalty through our guarantees and coverages that show how qualified our adult products are for your customer base’s pleasure.

7.Goods Depositing

Having built a business with wholesalers, distributors, brand owners, Mantang develop better and faster.

Today we've processed overseas warehouses in America for faster delivery and better customer service.

For the customers who have developed their B2C business in America, Mantang offers renting service to help you storage products with the minimal costs.

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