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15 Feb| 23 Comments
Sex Toys Manufacturing Process & OEM Procedure:

Thanks to our extensive experience in manufacturing in China, we are happy to offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services to external companies intent on receiving high-quality services for manufacturing finished products at high quality and low cost.

Mantang sex toy factory manages the entire manufacturing process, from initial design to final assembly, packaging, and shipping.

Our OEM Department will use the following procedures to ensure your product is manufactured to your precise specifications. The cost will be kept to a strict minimum thanks to the strategy that our R&D Dept. will establish by optimizing your existing product for mass production in one of our facilities.

Sex toy OEM process:

1.Initial Assessment
  • Formulation of Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Evaluation of existing specification of the required product (i.e.: electric motors circuit diagrams, the definition of custom component schematics and layout, mechanical drawings …) and testing procedures review.

  • Review and endorsement of QA/QC standards.

  • Design of labeling, packaging, and artwork (optional).

  • Upon agreement over the material outlined point 2., Our company will establish a price and delivery quotation for your finished product.

  • The quotation will include an itemized list of all terms and details

4.Conditional Order
  • Your order is placed, conditional to receiving final approval of sample products sent to you in stage 5.

5.Sampling Product
  • We can send you pre-production samples of your required product for evaluation, testing, and approval.

6.Confirmed Order
  • You approve of the pre-production samples, which automatically confirms your order, and we schedule production dates.

  • We recommend you visit the plant facilities during the production of your products for the final inspection of your products and packaging before they are packaged for shipment to your chosen destination.

Our manufacturing expertise of over a decade can save your company time and money.  Our customers come from all over the globe and the quality of our OEM services ensures their satisfaction and continued use of our services.

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