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22 Feb| 23 Comments
Do you sex toy items that are not on listed the web-site?

Mantang produces and handles over 5,000 items on a daily basis. We get demands for different items to be manufactured, from a large variety of sex toys to promotional items. Please feel free to request a quote on items that are not listed on the web-site

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you produce and assemble specific parts for our finished product?

    We can produce and source any specific parts for your product and have it assembled according to your requirements.

  2. Can you print our company logo on the products and boxes?

    We can print your logo on most items, as well as produce and design packaging according to your company specifications.

  3. How long will the process of OEM and R&D take?

    All products shown on our products gallery can be delivered within approx. 6 weeks from order confirmation.

    The complete process of new product manufacturing including R&D, prototype production, and mass production takes 6 months to be completed from start to finish.

  4. Does your company handles all the S&H (shipping & handling)?

    We handle the whole process from obtaining all necessary documentations to setting up a suitable transportation on a defined time table

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