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02 Feb| 23 Comments
Mantang sex toys factory aim at happiness

The Mantang Fun Adult Products Factory has been successfully operating for nearly 20 years, and what it has grasped is the word "sex". This word seems to be shy, but the sexual culture is noble. In the long history of human development, human beings were surprised to discover , In addition to the instinctive reproductive purpose, sexuality is a source of pleasure and a spiritual enjoyment.

Mantang Adult Exhibition

There are many adult products exhibitions in the industry, each of which has many highlights. Adult products exhibitors from more than 20 countries such as Canada, the United States, Russia, France, and the United Kingdom exhibited various internationally popular adult products. There was a popular female star show from Japan, with live demonstrations and interactions, especially the appearance of actress Yui Hatano, which brought the atmosphere to a climax; there was also a new release display of sexy lingerie, with exciting interpretations of new products and fashion trends of the season; and The hot pole dance performance is full of passion. In addition, the body painting show, the sex culture exhibition and the popularization of AIDS prevention and treatment were also held at the same time.

At the Adult Products Exhibition, while the audience watched the wonderful performances and adult products, people who needed sexual health consultation rushed to the reproductive health diagnosis and treatment center of Shanghai Chengkai Men's Sexual Function Rehabilitation Treatment Center, a member of the Shanghai Reproductive Health Industry Association. A dedicated area for counseling on your own sexual health issues. According to statistics, most of the counselors are male, mostly because of their own sexual function problems, causing differences in the married life, because these things often quarrel between husband and wife, which has a huge impact on the life of the husband and wife, and do not know where the sexual happiness lies. They want to take this opportunity to learn more about sex and communicate better with their wives.

There are still many counselors like this. Where is the sexual well-being they are concerned about? And with the grand exhibition of sex exhibitions in the society one after another, food sex has become less hidden and hidden. On the issue of sex, people's conversations have been released, and sexual The concept of happiness is also rational, so what exactly is sexual happiness?

Experts in adult products of Mantang Group agree with the western theorist Reich's ethics of sexual desire, and believe that sexual well-being is the core of happiness. And sexual happiness is not inevitable, it is based on sexual health. As long as there is sexual health, wonderful sexual interest and harmonious sex life will follow. Of course, while pursuing a sexual life, one must also master the knowledge of sexual well-being. Only by mastering certain skills and knowledge can love be harmonious, sex can be healthy, sexual well-being can be possessed, and a happy marriage and family will exist forever. . Making every adult happier is the social mission of Mantang Fun Products, and it is also the value that every Man Tang Fun Adult Products franchisee agrees on.

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