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About Mantang Sex Toy Factory

At mantang, we are pioneers in playfulness. For over 20 years, we’ve created toys that inspire sexual exploration—and we make them well, so your mind is free to focus on Full In love. We’ve always used the very best materials and put a lot of thought into our toys – to make sure they always take things up a level and never distract you from the fun. What’s more, our sustainable manufacturing facility here use enviormental protection material gives us a really tiny CO2 footprint. Sounds sexy, too – don’t you think?

We use professional to create an exclusive production platform for you, and are committed to platform construction + OEM production!

How The Mantang Happen

In 2001 , recent designer graduated Huang and Chuck got a part time job for design and draw a dildo ,then design the first ever body-safe, non-phallic, harness-compatible dildo. A model shaped after that initial prototype would later launch as the smiling Pamdy.

After that, Huang and Chuck were starting search the market . Imagine piles of beige, realistic dildos made of mystery rubber, each giving off a chemical smell, You didn’t have a lot of options. What Huang and Chuck had discovered was more than just a gap in the market. Something lost directly. Back then none of the toys were inviting you to try out something new. All the singles, couples, newbies and seasoned pros out there, what they needed were accessories that are truly healthy and environmental, manufactured with outstanding quality from the best materials available. Sound like a big challenge? It was, but it was not works for all the factory —and so, Mantang was born.

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Day in, day out, we put everything we’ve got into our products. All our knowledge, skills and experience. Our name says it all: Mantang stands for high-quality toys that keep you coming for more. To make that happen, we’re always trying out new things. We learn, innovate, and research new techniques every single day. Coming up with a new motor or program is all about finding the right stimulation to match any mood, hotspot, or body that suitable for themselves.

Our entire team here in China uses the utmost care, love, and attention to assemble the final product that ends up in your hands. All the processes, design work, equipment, manufacturing, and positioning — we do it all here at a single location. But that doesn’t mean we don’t stay connected to you and keep in touch with the industry. We need and be suppose to appreciate your feedback because it helps us do better further . And that’s always our best wishes, because we love to create our toys and hope you’ll love them, too.

Value-Added Services


Our product expert replies to whatever you ask within 24 hours.

Design Inspiring

Professional product design suggestions help you make user-friendly products, like vibrators and other interesting things.


A sample available helps you review and approve product quality.


Customized packaging plan given by our expert protects vibrator from delivery damage.


Bulk orders are delivered as fast as within 20 days to meet your deadline.


All sex toys come with a 6-month warranty.

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John Smith
Creative Director
Karla Anderson
Junior Developer
Stephen Doe
Junior Designer
Sarha Smith
Junior Artist

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